Okay, it’s an awards ceremony, so at least four-fifths of the nominees have to get shafted, but still, the Golden Globes winners’ list offered some head-scratching snubs. Most notably, Juno, which went 0 for 3 despite the critical and box-office love for the movie, Ellen Page (pictured), and the screenplay by EW columnist Diablo Cody. Which brings us to the night’s other big snub: in the hastily cobbled-together press conference that subbed for a full-blown awards ceremony, announcers Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell didn’t even read off the winner of the Best Screenplay category (take that, striking writers!) or the awards for Best Original Score and Best Song. (For the record, they went to Joel and Ethan Coen’s No Country for Old Men script, Dario Marinelli’s Atonement score, and Eddie Vedder’s “Guaranteed” from Into the Wild.) They couldn’t have cut a few minutes of Bush and O’Dell’s attempts at ad libbing to make room for these? It’s not like the winners were going to waste precious time at the podium thanking their lawyers.

Tell us, PopWatchers, which of your movie and TV favorites got snubbed? Let us know, and get ready to compare notes — check back early Monday as EW awards guru Dave Karger analyzes the Globe winners and losers on the movie side and Ken Tucker does the same for the Globes’ TV picks.

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