While some of you were watching that little Golden Globes press conference last night, I was enjoying the premiere of VH1’s Rock of Love 2, in which Bret Michaels met another 20 women who allegedly want to rock his world. It was awesome.

Like the women who applauded when Bret pulled up in a red sports car, I, too, had serious anxiety that his head of security would again send a few of them home before they even entered the house. Good TV, yes, but unnecessary cruelty when you know you’ve got a fully loaded bar and a stripper pole to guarantee quality footage. Instead, the four women Bret selected were awarded VIP passes, which secured them one-on-one time with Michaels before the first elimination. It worked out well for some, like clear early favorite Megan (pictured, right), who reluctantly sat through 30 seconds of conversation before sucking face: “I was very drunk making out with him, but I think that I really had a good time… I love Bret Michaels. Me and him forever.” Megan is a model, and she has a “huge career.” According to, she also has an accounting degree from the University ofIllinois at Chicago, which actually makes her interesting.

  • My other favorite “ladies” this season:
  • Destiney, the bisexual who said she bought stripper shoes “specifically for the pole.” She’s also the cackling superfan Bret said he was willing to let make sweet love to him or kill him.
  • Aubry, the walking sound bite, who’s at her best when commenting on Angelique. On Angelique’s photo shoot with Bret, during which she removed her top: “I think that Frenchie looked like a blow fish on acid.” (Angelique, pictured at left, admitted to having her breasts done twice, as well as her nose, lips, and teeth.)
  • Kristy Joe, the one who didn’t want to kiss Bret after 19 other women have slipped their tongues down his throat. I, for one, do not think this makes her a prude. I wouldn’t even step near the stripper pole after Angelique had her way with it.
  • Ambre, who seems sane and like someone you might be able to talk to. Points for her taking care of Courtney, who drowned her body-image issues in whiskey and wine and ended up sleeping through the elimination. I think I could have liked her, too.

So, are you hooked on this season? Did you see any signs that Jackye, who told Bret she wouldn’t stay and rock his world because she had anxiety, was stressed? (Me, no.) And does anyone think that VIP Erin, who had the world’s most boring conversation about MySpace with Bret, should have kept her pass? (Also a no.)