Awards-season expert Dave Karger on the night's surprising wins, and what they mean for the Oscar race
Cate Blanchett, I'm Not There
Credit: Everett Collection

With no stars attending the Golden Globes event this year, it was up to the actual results to provide the entertainment. Did they deliver? Here are the biggest surprises and sure things in the movie categories.


Julian Schnabel’s win It sure was looking like the Coen brothers (No Country for Old Men) were going to make like Martin Scorsese in ’07, and sweep all the best director prizes. But the Diving Bell and the Butterfly painter-turned-filmmaker delivered the night’s biggest upset.

Cate over Amy Gone Baby Gone scene-stealer Amy Ryan had the supporting-actress momentum going into the awards. But Cate Blanchett won the prize for her uncanny take on Bob Dylan in I’m Not There (her third Globe for playing a real person) and evened the Oscar race.

Juno‘s shut-out Nominated for best comedy, best actress in a comedy, and best screenplay, the box office hit went 0 for 3 (the Hollywood Foreign Press went for the more lavish Sweeney Todd instead). It should still have the last laugh in the form of some big-ticket Oscar nominations.


Multiple prizes for No Country and Atonement Each drama picked up two prizes — best screenplay and supporting actor for No Country, and best drama and score for Atonement. With the latter on very thin ice in the Oscar race (balloting has already ended), its big Globes win may end up being a consolation prize.

Julie Christie’s first Globe With Marion Cotillard and Ellen Page in the comedy race, the Away From Her star (a past Oscar winner) easily picked up the trophy for best actress in a drama.

Michael Clayton‘s shut-out I know I’m a broken record when it comes to this (brilliant) movie, but even though I knew it would lose all four of its categories, it still made me sad. I just hope that it bounces back at the Oscars.

What surprised you most about the Globes’ movie picks?