''The Bachelor'''s Alex Michel answers burning questions on ''Special Edition'': What did he whisper to Melissa? How'd he end up making out with Kim? And how's Amanda these days?
Alex Michel, The Bachelor
Credit: The Bachelor Special Edition: Randy Shropshire/ABC Family

The Bachelor: Special Edition

This time, it’s the Bachelor who says ”I do” — to having a second go-around in front of the cameras, that is. Alex Michel, the 31-year-old who melted some women’s hearts (and left others cold) in last spring’s ”The Bachelor,” will appear in ”The Bachelor: Special Edition,” airing for six consecutive nights on ABC Family beginning Sunday, Aug. 11.

The series, hosted by Leanza Cornett (cohost of ”Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire”), will feature all six original episodes interspersed with conversations between Michel and Cornett about just what went on behind the scenes of the loopy matchmaking show, in which Michel winnowed through 25 bachelorettes before settling on Ms. Right — or at least Ms. Right Now, the surgically enhanced Amanda.

”It just seemed like a fun way to talk about this weird thing that I did,” Michel tells EW.com. ”Basically, a lot of what you’ll see is me answering the questions that many people had in their minds while watching the series.” For those dying to crash the bachelor party, this means finding out answers to such burning questions as: Exactly what did he whisper into Melissa’s ear while she sat on his lap? (He told her to relax.) How did he end up making out with Kim on that speedboat? (”The engine was so loud,” he says, ”there wasn’t anything for us to do but make out.”) And how does he actually feel about making out on national television? (”It seemed necessary at the time…. Kissing might provide some useful information about compatibility.”)

”It’s great seeing him being a little embarrassed and thinking, ‘I might have been a dork,”’ says Brian Casentini, vice president for development and current programming at ABC Family. ”He really wanted to do this to reveal his lighthearted side.” Cornett, who says she was struck by how easygoing Michel turned out to be in person, adds: ”This was not fun and games for him. He was, emotionally, really invested. And he was serious about this.”

While Michel declined to talk about his relationship with Amanda, Cornett says the two are still together: ”They are dating; he was very protective of her throughout the taping. He didn’t want to say anything that would hurt her feelings.”

After it debuted in March, ”The Bachelor” saw its ratings build solidly, as the show drew in the key 18- to 49-year-old demographic. The series finale finished a surprising second to juggernaut ”CSI” in its time slot, snagging more than 18 million viewers. Given this success, it’s no surprise that, according to a spokesperson, ABC will air a follow-up in late September, and the network is already at work casting a spin-off, ”The Bachelorette,” which will feature ”Bachelor” runner-up Trista searching for Mr. Right. Good thing Alex isn’t in the running.

The Bachelor: Special Edition
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