Will the writers' strike affect the annual music awards show?


The writers’ strike has already forced the People’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globes to severely alter their telecasts. Is there now a chance that Feb. 10’s Grammy ceremony — and nominees like Kanye West — could also suffer from the ongoing labor dispute? Perhaps. At press time, a Grammys spokeswoman said it was ”not clear what [the WGA’s] position will be in regards to our show.” (The WGA confirms this.) Still, the performance-heavy special could get a reprieve because it relies on far less scripted banter than its film- and TV-focused brethren and could presumably go on without a WGA scribe. Still, any potential celebrity presenters could feel skittish about attending when so many of their peers remain out of work. Says Vince Vaughn, who could ostensibly appear on the Grammy telecast to plug his new documentary Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show, ”Everyone’s trying to figure out the rules. I don’t think there’s clear-cut answers.” And one insider warns, ”If enough people called Beyoncé to ask whether she wants to cross the picket line, the show could be affected.” — Additional reporting by Shirley Halperin