January 11, 2008 at 09:36 PM EST

One reason we’re psyched about the return of late-night talk-shows: The chance to catch excellent musical performances. And last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, San Francisco rockers Two Gallants—a duo we appreciate not only fortheir literary pretensions (named after a James Joyce story, no less)but the raw, blooze-folk power of their songcraft (see the most recentself-titled release, on Saddle Creek)—punctuated our point with a fine rendition of the Dylan-esque angst-romp “Despite What You’ve Been Told” (YouTube views of the song’s video are closing in on a half-million).

One (of so many!) good reasons to love Popwatch: We’ve got the exclusive video of Two Gallants’ incendiary after-show performance of “Reflections of the Marionette,” which was only hinted at during Kimmel‘s outro. You’re welcome!

Reflections of the Marionette

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