Last week's biggest events including the premiere of ''27 Dresses,'' the Critics' Choice Awards, and more

By EW Staff
Updated January 11, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST


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With the Critics’ Choice Awards soldiering on, Katherine Heigl putting on 27 Dresses, and the ladies of The L Word toasting their steamy new season on Showtime, Hollywood resolved to start the year off right. Now, if the town could just resolve to end that darned writers’ strike…

Ocean’s Two
At the 13th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards in L.A., Don Cheadle took home the Joel Siegel award, which goes to an actor whose work on and off screen contributes to the good of humanity. In the process, he got a little love from Casey Affleck. On receiving a Critics’ Choice honor from his pal George Clooney, Cheadle said, ”I had to pay George $1,500 to give me the award. Matt was double that price, and I couldn’t afford Brad.”

About Face
On the Feb. 5 episode of Nip/Tuck, ’80s soap divas Shari Belafonte, Joan Van Ark, and Deborah Shelton play socialites shocked by their pal’s (Donna Mills) new mug.

Web Obsession of the Week
Season 4 hasn’t started, and we’re already puzzled! Why? Because of ABC’s new addictive, clues-laden Lost supplement, which chronicles one man’s quest to find Oceanic Flight 815 — and his stewardess girlfriend who was on board. (

27 Snaps to Her
The recently hitched Katherine Heigl, who plays an eternal bachelorette in 27 Dresses, sparkles at the movie’s premiere. (Read our review) Given her romantic woes on Grey’s and in this flick, will Heigl ever find onscreen love?

Pow Wow
We nearly mistook Lost castaway Sawyer (Josh Holloway) for Brad Pitt’s Fight Club alter ego Tyler Durden in a photo from next month’s episode ”Confirmed Dead.”

L Girls
Stars Marlee Matlin, Katherine Moennig, and Laurel Holloman spread the love at the Jan. 6 premiere of Showtime’s soap The L Word in L.A.

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