Dule Hill, James Roday, ...

We love two things here on PopWatch: lists and the debates that follow them. And so, we’ve created the PopWatch Duel. Here’s how it works: We’ll ask two celebs for their picks on a certain topic. You’ll decide whose responses are better by casting a vote in the comments section. (They’ll try to tell themselves that they don’t care who wins.)

In honor of Psych‘s return tonight with the first of six new episodes (Fridays, 10 p.m., USA) we asked stars James Roday (left) and Dulé Hill (right) to name the five pop-culture mysteries they’d like solved.

Their responses…

James Roday:

1. Look. Clearly I can appreciate the value of pop-cultural phenomena. They help us define the landscape of entire decades and give us easy gateways to the type of nostalgia that keeps parties going well after the punch is gone — not to mention the fact that without it, MTV and VH1 might have to dissolve themselves at the risk of actually having to air music videos again. All this being said, HOW MANY TIMES MUST WE BEAR WITNESS TO THE EBBS AND TIDES OF THE LIFE OF PARIS HILTON? For the love of all things holy, at least Britney was a Mouseketeer. Plus, she sold about a gazillion records and was worshiped by every 11-year-old girl in America for an entire calendar year. Paris has managed to grab headline after headline for essentially screwing up, getting screwed, endangering lives, refusing to eat for YEARS now. She’s yet to bring ANYTHING to the table and yet she remains on the tip of the tongues and points of the pens of every pop-culture journalist in the country. We do such a lousy job of choosing our celebrities in this country it should be no mystery that we have no clue how to go about electing our leaders either.

2. Oh where have ye gone Kerri Green? You were literally conducting the pop-culture train for a second in the ’80s — you epitomized and set the girl-next-door standard in Lucas AND The Goonies! C’mon,Three For the Road wasn’t THAT bad. Then poof(!) you disappeared from our lives forever. You don’t write, you don’t call — was it something we said? It was Molly Ringwald, wasn’t it? She paid you off to walk away. We know Jake from Sixteen Candles is happy and making furniture. All we want is a little teeny bit of closure here.

3. How many shots does Dane Cook get? Just wondering.

4. Why did we choose VHS over Beta? Seriously, the players were smaller and less cumbersome. The tapes were smaller and you could rent twice as many and still fit them in one bag. For a society that always wants MORE at the height of its descent into consumerism overdrive, we chose big ass clunky VHS tapes. Weird.

5. MENUDO. They’re STILL around. It’s like version 29.0. The Atlanta Braves of pop music. Doesn’t matter who’s on the team. It just doesn’t matter. They still get it done… and in Spanish no less. I don’t understand it, but I’ll salute the model. That’s right. I salute Menudo.

Dulé Hill:

1. Sean Combs has changed his name five thousand, three hundred, and1/24th times. What will the next incarnation of Puff Daddy…uh,Puffy…er, P. Diddy…sorry, Diddy’s name be?

2. How did Kris Kross convince millions of teenagers to wear their clothes backwards? I mean, that was the dumbest s— ever. Then again if that happened in 2008, they would probably have their own clothing line.

3. Why didn’t Winona Ryder just pay?

4. How exactly did Prince come up with Tara Leigh Patrick’s other name? Carmen Electra?! Where did that come from?

5. Did Martin Sheen really never win an Emmy for his portrayal of President Bartlet on The West Wing? They couldn’t find one to give to Martin Sheen?!? I’m just saying.

6. The bonus question: How did Dulé Hill come up with these great pop-culture mysteries when he is not even into pop culture???? I guess some things we will never know… some things, we will never know.

Okay, PopWatchers, who wins the duel? James Roday or Dulé Hill? Vote now!