Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

I like to think I’m a relatively astute entertainment junkie. I try and pay attention to “the haps” in the showbiz world. (After all, that’s what they pay me for.)

So how did I miss Leelee Sobieski’s career downward spiral to second billing in an Uwe Boll flick? That’s right, she’s in this weekend’s In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (pictured), which will — if it follows suit with every other Boll movie — be on the short list for worst film of the year.

There was a time when she held promise, when she was working with directors like Stanley Kubrick (in Eyes Wide Shut) and James Ivory (in A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries) and sharing the screen with actors like Catherine Deneuve, Peter O’Toole, and Donald Sutherland. Hell, she was in the good Joan of Arc project (okay, her TV miniseries wasn’t great, but it was better than The Messenger).

What happened? Who knows. She’s a pretty girl, for sure, and she’sgot talent, even though that’s not necessarily a requirement. Herchoices weren’t any worse than anyone else’s — who knew that a NeilLaBute movie could end up as bad as The Wicker Man did? A few smaller movies went straight to DVD, others never got the indie bump they were hoping for.

You’d never think this could be a problem in Hollywood, but maybethere were just one too many slightly frosty-looking blondes roamingaround, with Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles, even Claire Danes all faringbetter.

What do you think? Why wasn’t she a bigger star… and how did her career come to crappy sword-and-sorcery flicks?