Matt Lauer, Kathy Griffin

My excitement level for the Golden Globes increased exponentially just now when I read that Kathy Griffin will be providing commentary on NBC’s Matt Lauer-hosted Dateline special, Going for the Gold, Sunday (7 p.m. ET). I imagine Michael Slezak’s and Annie Barrett’s anticipation is peaking, too, if they’ve heard that NBC’s “FootballNight in America” team will be on hand to predict the winners. Why would that delight our duo? They’ll be live-blogging the two-hour “pre-show,” as well as the press conference that announces the actual trophy takers at 9 p.m. ET.

Here’s what else’s got cookin’:
• In addition to PopWatch’s running commentary, our Hollywood Insider blog will have Lynette Rice on the scene to report on any picketing anything interesting.
• During the press conference, we’ll post a running tally of the winners.
• Monday morning, we’ll have Slezak’s Fantasy Globes, a gallery of moments that only happened in his mind. (Naturally, he’s already requested a photo of Vanessa Williams.)
• And because we do take this entertainment business seriously, sometimes, we’ll have real morning-after analysis by EW’s Ken Tucker and Dave Karger.

So enjoy the Globes, as much as you can. And let us know who you’re pullin’ for below.