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By EW Staff
January 11, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

Faces of ‘War’
Thanks for not trashing Julia Roberts’ portrayal of Joanne Herring in Charlie Wilson’s War (”War Games”). Some papers have had a field day with Roberts’ accent. But as Herring’s driver for events at my college in the ’80s, I’ll bet she’d prefer to be played by the biggest movie star than to quibble over dialects. Herring has said, ”Julia got me.” Indeed, she did.
Dean Monroe
Washington, D.C.

In your piece, Roberts says she’s gone on a ”pop culture fast” because she’s found recent films and characters uninteresting. Here’s a solution: Don’t see any more of her movies till her own performances become interesting.
Ron Roundy
Greenbelt, Md.

Your sidebar claims political movies have had a hard time at the box office recently. What a silly observation. As if such fare is catnip to theatergoers!
Joe Andros
Capitola, Calif.

Shipping News
Thank you for remembering Titanic‘s 10th anniversary, and for pointing out what little fanfare it’s gotten (News & Notes). The new DVD is a virtual rehash of older materials from a better, earlier edition. I would’ve loved to see a theatrical rerelease of my generation’s Gone With the Wind.
Mathew Biller
Diamond Bar, Calif.

Snipes’ Gripes
Wesley Snipes’ decision to play the race card is a thinly veiled attempt to draw attention away from his alleged misconduct — and an insult to true victims of racism (”The Trials of Wesley Snipes”).
Dennis G. Collard

I enjoyed your article on Snipes’ various woes. But as enlightening as it was, I think it was ill-advised for him to tell his side of the story in the midst of litigation. I’ve got enough sense to know that, and I’m not even a lawyer.
Alan Oldham

Top of the Tube
It’s nice you included Lost in the year’s top 10 episodes (Television), but what about its space-faring stepsister, Battlestar Galactica? Season 3’s finale, ”Crossroads, Part 2,” was so revelatory, Mary McDonnell said she gasped when she read the script. It was pretty frakkin’ impressive.
David Goldberg
Bellaire, Tex.

Strike one! The Rescue Me finale was as good as it got in 2007: The crack of the bat signaling the death of Tommy’s father was one of the year’s best moments.
Darin Bunch
Bakersfield, Calif.

Speak of the Devil
The second I found out that Diablo Cody was your new columnist (Binge Thinking), I turned to the back page. She’s, like, the coolest person I’ve ever read, and she doesn’t even have to try, you know.
Elias Benavidez
Sherman Oaks, Calif.