Mark McGrath
Credit: Johnny Nunez/

I don’t dream about celebs often, and when I do, it’s never someone that I actually want to dream about. Example: Earlier this week, I found myself in bed with Ike Turner. We were just sleeping, my left hand resting sweetly on his chest. Huh? I would never do that to Tina.

Years ago,I had an even more disturbing cameo: Mark McGrath (pictured). Follow me here. I was in a stadium parking lot, dressed like Maid Marian and giving alms to the poor. Then McGrath showed up in a wifebeater and kissed me. What? This was before I saw him kick ass on Rock ‘n’ Roll Jeopardy, so I had zero appreciation for the Sugar Ray frontman/entertainment news guy.

Think you can beat my random celebrity dream encounter? Post it below.

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