Try as I might, I can’t quite go off the crap-TV diet. Nope,not yet. Not when stuff like Make Me A Supermodel—which officially premierestonight on Bravo—is there to tempt me. If you caught last week’s casting special, youmay remember Ronnie, the preening pretty boy who claims he unknowingly dated a porn star andescort for three years, and will also be the US President someday. (Yeah, goodluck with that.) What you may not remember, however, is that fleeting shot ofRonnie’s apparent family, who gathered ’round the sectional when he found outhe was one of the 14 finalists chosen for the show toward the end of the show (see above).

Now, am I the only one who is flummoxed by that scene? For starters, was this shot inside a Levitz showroom? Also, who is the lone Indian boy sitting next toGrandma? Why does the entire tableaulook like it was hauled in from the casting call for an elderly life insurancecommercial? (And how is it that I always find a way to circle back to BettyWhite?)

Ronnie, you’ve left me with so many questions. I’m looking foranswers, starting tonight.