10-11PM · FX · Debuts Sept. 3

CONCEPT The Sons of Anarchy are a motorcycle club — don’t call them a gang. And they’re like a family — meaning territorial and backstabbing. Oh, and the club? It’s an organized-crime syndicate.

THE SCOOP Young biker Jax (Children of Men‘s Charlie Hunnam) is about to have a Hamlet-like struggle: Since finding his late father’s high-minded manifesto for the Sons, he begins to suspect that his Gertrude-esque mother, Gemma (Married…With Children‘s Katey Sagal), and her very Claudius-like new man, Clay (Hellboy‘s Ron Perlman), don’t have the purest intentions. Says Hunnam, ”We didn’t want to make a fabricated, Disney version of this world.”

BOTTOM LINE We love Perlman and Sagal in pretty much anything, but find the chemistry and writing to be less than full-throttle.