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8-9PM · ABC · Returns Oct. 1

”The big headline for season 2 is family,” says exec producer Bryan Fuller about the magical kiss-of-life/kiss-of-death rom-com. ”We’re getting into the familial relationships with the main characters and expanding into almost Twin Peaks-ian soap opera running through the episodes.” Everwood‘s Debra Mooney guest-stars, and Stephen Root (Office Space) will have a sinister-sounding arc as someone who threatens to uncover ”secrets,” such as ”the fact that Chuck [Anna Friel] has been brought back to life.” Fuller defines a crucial difference between last season and this one: ”Before, Chuck and Ned [Lee Pace] were at odds with each other…. We discovered that Chuck and Ned really work best when it’s Chuck and Ned against the world as opposed to Chuck and Ned against each other.” Fuller teases: ”They may not be as sexually frustrated as they were before.” Yowza!

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