By Amy Ryan
Updated January 09, 2008 at 09:00 PM EST
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Not that I really care who made Mr. Blackwell’s annual Ten Worst Dressed list (Posh was tops? Okay, whatever), but two things struck me about the 48th (!) annual edition, announced yesterday.

First, how hard up do you have to be for fashion victims in order to dig deep into the where-are-they-now files and unearth Alison Arngrim (pictured), who’s been pretty much off the pop culture radar ever since Little House on the Prairie went off the air 26 years ago? There wasn’t anyone more in the public eye who was a public eyesore? Never thought I’d feel sorry for Nellie Oleson, but dang, Mr. B, what did she ever do to you?

Second, I see he decided not to list Britney Spears this year because he “felt that it was inappropriate at this time to make comment when her personal life is in such upheaval.” That’s big of you, Mr. B, but that didn’t stop you from cackling at Amy Winehouse or Lindsay Lohan this year, did it?

What do you think of Mr. Blackwell’s list, PopWatchers? Are you bothered by his arbitrary standards of who is and isn’t fair game? Or should we just get back to talking about important stuff like strike beards and the Cloverfield monster now?

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