Jon Stewart, Conan O'Brien, ...

Finally. Now that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are back (catch Ken Tucker’s review of their performances here), we can add ’em to the O’Brien-Letterman mix and make a fair and balanced decision about who has the best-looking new facial hair on late-night TV. This is important! Stewart went with a traditional Strike Unibrow to show solidarity with writers and also Sam the Eagle. I give it one “ha”; points knocked off for mediocre color-blending. He could have gone at that thing with some Jolene. Colbert emerged at the end of A Daily Show looking like a prominent pilgrim community leader. His devotion to beard-growing is impressive and awesome. Still, I have to give PopWatch’s prestigious Best Strike Facial Hair award to Conan O’Brien. You guys can’t argue with me here, and not just because Letterman shaved his stubble on air last night. Conan just looks hot. He shouldn’t shave it. Someone will have to console me with this doll if/when he does.

If you somehow missed Conan singing “Sabotage” in the voice of Edith Bunker while his production crew plays Rock Band, squeal it with him after the jump. And here is a creepy picture of a little boy dressed as a pilgrim. You’re welcome!