The celebrities of ''The Apprentice'' -- We decide if Carol Alt, Stephen Baldwin, Nadia Comaneci, and Vincent Pastore have what it takes to impress Donald Trump

By Missy Schwartz
Updated January 04, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

The celebrities of ”The Apprentice”

Forget M.B.A.’s: For NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice (Thursdays, 9 p.m.), Donald Trump recruited show-business-school grads. . .and a few dropouts. We check four candidates to see what could get them hired or fired.

Carol Alt
You’re Hired
An advocate of the raw-food movement, the former CoverGirl won’t hesitate to eat her competition alive. Bonus: She’s the only contestant to boast the Hasselhoffian achievement of a No. 1 single in Germany.
You’re Fired
The thin-skinned boss could interpret Alt’s uncooked foodie-ism as a diss to his line of Trump Steaks, the most incredible cookable beef in all of edibility.

Stephen Baldwin
You’re Hired
As an evangelist with his own ministry, the youngest Baldwin brother can claim Jesus as his co-pilot — and co-CEO, co-CFO, and co-COO. He’s equipped to crusade for The Donald with as much fire and brimstone as he does for the Almighty.
You’re Fired
Seeing as Trump thinks he’s God, he might not be too crazy about sharing Baldwin’s allegiances.

Nadia Comaneci
You’re Hired
The five-time Olympic gold medalist doesn’t just think outside the box: She somersaults outside of it.
You’re Fired
Impromptu backflips have been known to anger Trump and…oh, who are we kidding? The retired gymnast and current commentator has no evident business experience, so why is she even here? Is The Donald planning a line of Trump Parallel Bars?

Vincent Pastore
You’re Hired
The Sopranos‘ Big Pussy can promise Trump a lifetime of loyalty — and free publicity! Even if the boss whacks…uh, fires him, he’ll keep trading on his former glory for years to come. (See: Pastore’s The Wiseguy Show on Sirius satellite radio.)
You’re Fired
There’s really no point in keeping him around if Mr. Fuhgeddaboudit will keep pimping the show long after he’s axed.