I had Supernanny on mute last night because sometimes I like to pretend I’m super-productive. Super-productive in my apartment means sitting around reading the Internet while watching reality TV with the sound off.

Anyway, I happened to glance up during this four-and-a-half year-old’s milestone moment (pictured) wherein Supernanny lets her know it’s finally okay to brush her own teeth instead of having her clueless (but all-in-all pretty sweet) mother brush them for her while she kicks and screams on a sofa. I turned the sound on, and it turned out this episode was a bit of a snoozer. Too bad I didn’t realize there was a second episode on right after that, featuring a heartbreaking, I-can’t-believe-this-is-on-TV (but isn’t nearly every show like that at this point?) story of two teenage daughters-turned-primary-caregivers who actually called Supernanny themselves.

Bottom line: UGH. Way to go, culture. Lookin’ great in ’08!

After the jump, what I should have said when asked to possibly write a blog post about Supernanny