Michael Cera, Juno
Credit: Doane Gregory

Okay, 19-year-old Michael Cera (Juno, Superbad, Arrested Development) hasn’t hit Daniel Radcliffe status on my scale of inappropriate crush-ness — no Googling or stick puppets yet — but I feel it coming. And I suspect I’m not alone. Therefore, I’d like to make the creation of PopWatch’s Inappropriate Crush Quiz No. 2 a joint-effort. (For inspiration in mining your IC behavior for certifiable suitable quiz questions, check out ICQ No. 1: Daniel Radcliffe edition.)

The rules stay the same: Give yourself one point for every statement in the comments section that accurately describes you. The higher the score, the more help you need. (But the more I like you.) I think the first two questions should remain the same in any ICQ:

1. You’re scared of how high you’re about to score.
2. You are over 21.

Good luck!

addCredit(“Michael Cera: Doane Gregory”)