(FROM BILLBOARD) ? Thom Yorke has responded to a report in last Friday’s (Dec. 28) Sunday Times that his band Radiohead demanded an exorbitant advance from EMI for their latest record, In Rainbows, before ultimately opting to not re-sign with the label. The Times report quoted an EMI spokesperson saying that the band’s demands would’ve resulted in a huge loss for the label that would have fallen to other bands to subsidize. Yorke responded earlier this week by saying, ”We did not ask for a load of cash from … EMI to re-sign. That is a lie.” Yorke claims the dispute actually revolved around the band’s demand that they own ”control over our work and how it was used in the future,” and that they decided not to re-sign when EMI refused. ”To be digging up such bulls—, or more politely airing [your] dirty laundry in public, seems a very strange way for the head of an international record label to be proceeding,” Yorke said of Guy Hands, owner of the private equity firm Terra Firma, which now runs EMI. In Rainbows was released as a digital download on the band’s website in October, allowing buyers to choose their own price. It was released as a CD this week via XL Recordings in the U.K. and TBD Recordings in the U.S. (Billboard)