The Kinks
Credit: Harry Goodwin / Redferns / Retna

Don’t know if this is true (’cause I read it in the British press), but there’s a possibility of a reunion tour next year for the original lineup of the Kinks. Which is cool, because there’s such a groundswell of demand to see the Davies brothers joined onstage, for the first time since 1969, by drummer Mick Avory (pictured, left) and bassist Pete Quaife (right). Well, okay, not really (the key members of the band, over the last four decades or so, have always been the two squabbling siblings, lead singer/songwriter Ray and guitar feedback-pioneer Dave), but still, this is the classic lineup responsible for all the Kinks’ 1960s hits, from “You Really Got Me” to “Waterloo Sunset.” Having seen Ray (second from left) and Dave (second from right) perform a live acoustic set together more than a few years ago, I’d be up for seeing them rock out with a band, especially a band not made up of hired ringers. Anyone else able to drum up any excitement for a Kinks reunion tour, or are you — after a year of the Police, Genesis, Van Halen, and (almost) Led Zeppelin — all reunioned out?

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