Say you’re hanging around in your office at, oh, 7:30 a.m., and you look up to notice that the one and only Mary J. Blige is like three feet away from you, going to town on her new jam “Just Fine” with a full band and a pair of sassy backup singers. What are you gonna do? Stand there silently and focus on your work? No way! If you’re someone who I respect in any way as a human being, you’re gonna groove at least a little tiny bit. NBC White House correspondent David Gregory certainly did when he found himself in this very situation during yesterday morning’s Today Show:

And yet some curmudgeonly people are getting on Gregory’s case! The Huffington Post is all, “David Gregory Sets White People Back 60 Years” and “Watch him bust an awkward and uncomfortable move.” I beg to differ: The hands-in-the-air shimmying move that Gregory busted is nothing if not indubitably comfortable. The HuffPo crew also accuses Gregory of getting down to a Chris Brown tune last summer — which, of course, he did (check him out around 3:08) — as if they never so much as bobbed their head to “Run It”?!

Full disclosure: I might have a slight bias in this matter, as a dorky white journalist who will totally dance to some Mary J (or Chris Brown) given the opportunity. But I hereby call for a formal apology to David Gregory by anyone who slighted his spontaneous dancing. And I so hope that he finds a way to work those moves into the next White House press conference. Don’t you, P-Dubs?