December 21, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

25. Star Wars

Launch Date September 1997

What You’ll Find Well, pretty much everything. For starters: the latest Star Wars news, info about cool collectibles (we want one of those R2-D2 soy sauce bottles!), and a vast array of fan-made films. Impressive. Most impressive.

Why It’s Essential To the far-flung members of the global Star Wars community, the site exerts an energy field similar to the Force itself, binding the fan galaxy together in a bunch of lively and newbie-friendly forums on topics such as role playing and the seemingly never-ending expansion of the Star Wars universe into other media.

Official Site
This handsome and easy-to-navigate site offers a huge database of official Star Wars info (who’s Tion Medon? What life exists on the planet of Felucia?). A ”Hyperspace” membership — which includes first looks at new projects and discounts at the online store — costs $14.95 a year. Even at its basic level, though, the official site perfectly complements the force. — Wook Kim

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