By Dave Karger
Updated December 20, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST
David Lee

One good thing about this year’s crazy awards season? At least it’s not predictable. After being almost completely ignored by the Golden Globes last week, Into the Wild received the most Screen Actors Guild Award nominations this morning, picking up citations for best cast, actor (Emile Hirsch), supporting actor (Hal Holbrook), and supporting actress (Catherine Keener). No Country for Old Men and Michael Clayton followed with three nominations each, while American Gangster managed two. But the lists were even more notable for who wasn’t on them: Sweeney Todd‘s Johnny Depp and Gangster‘s Denzel Washington (pictured) were overlooked, as was Charlie Wilson’s War scene-stealer Philip Seymour Hoffman. For Depp and Hoffman, it may be because SAG voters weren’t sent DVDs of their films, but it may not bode well for Washington’s Oscar chances. Meanwhile, two strong Best Picture contenders, Atonement and Juno, were left out of the Best Cast category (Juno‘s Ellen Page did score a best-actress nod, while Atonement was omitted entirely). But before you now consider best-cast nominees Hairspray and 3:10 to Yuma (both great films) serious Oscar contenders, remember one thing: Last year, the SAG Awards nominated Bobby.