By Gretchen Hansen
Updated December 20, 2007 at 06:30 PM EST
Arrested Development: The Complete Second Season

A gift you secretly purchase for yourself that masquerades as a gift for someone else; a mift is given in the hopes that it will inevitably become yours, either when the receiver lends it to you, then forgets about the present entirely, or, in cases where the giver and receiver live together, via shared possession.

Origin: Mashup of the words “my” and “gift.”

Usage: Kip, when I got you seasons 1 and 2 of Arrested Development on DVD, they were mifts. I was dying to see all the special features, and I had nothingelse to do over Christmas break. Ifyou were to check right now, you’d see that a majority of the box set isfilled with blank discs. And Dad? About the Angels and Demons audio book I got you? Also a mift. I knewyou couldn’t listen to it because you don’t have a CD player or aniPod. I included the gift receipt, but I knew you’d be too lazy toreturn it. I ”borrowed” it from you and I’ve been listening to it onthe train.

Okay, I think I’ve probably confessed enough here. How about you, PopWatchers? What’s the best entertainment related mifts you’ve given? And have you ever been the recipient of a suspected mift?