The Screen Actors Guild released its nominations today and it seems this is one awards show that will actually go on — without

pickets or boycotts. Screen Actors Guild President Alan Rosenberg

released a statement today praising the SAGs for paying “tribute to the

extraordinary work of actors.” The union appears to have no problem with its member

thespians attending the show, which will be simulcast on

TNT and TBS on Jan. 27.

The question is, couldn’t Rosenberg’s praise of the SAG Awards be

applied to the Globes as well? After all, doesn’t it pay tribute to

actors too? As it turns out, no — both SAG and the Writers Guild of

America are treating the two ceremonies quite differently. While the

WGA has granted a waiver to the SAG awards that allows WGA writers to

work for the ceremony, it refused to do so for the Globes. What’s more, the WGA isn’t threatening to wave placards at the SAG event (again, it may do so at the Globes) so actors won’t have to worry about crossing picket lines. Rosenberg’s statement continued, “We’re grateful to the Writers Guild of America for working with us to accomplish our interim agreement and we strongly support their efforts to get a fair contract.”