Jason Aldean

Pop quiz, hot shots: Rank the following folks in the order they finished on this year’s Billboard Top Independent Artists chart, which combines radio play, album sales, and tour $$.

The Eagles
Arcade Fire
Jason Aldean
Elliott Yamin
Little Big Town
The Shins
Garth Brooks

The answer’s after the jump.

1. Jason Aldean
2. The Shins
3. Elliott Yamin
4. Little Big Town
5. The Eagles
6. Garth Brooks
7. Arcade Fire

I enjoy me some Aldean as much if not more than the next gal — click below to play “Johnny Cash,” which I embed in lieu of finding an embeddable copy of “Amarillo Sky” — but never figured to see him on the top of that list, especially given the competition and my affectionate opinion that he suffered from a little sophomore-itis with the rest of this year’s Relentless. But hey, cowboy, big congrats; now make me a new record. As for you, The Shins, way to keep that Sub Pop magic alive. I embed “Phantom Limb” in your honor. The rest of you get nothing. Sorry. Do better next time.