By Shirley Halperin
December 17, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Not all actors are doomed to meaningless music careers (ahem, Lindsay Lohan). Child star-turned-indie rocker Lukas Haas is hard at word on his debut album, and what we’ve heard so far is impressive. (Check out some almost-finished songs and Haas’s own video blog on his myspace page). Produced by Tim Anderson (IMA Robot) and Josh Abraham, who spent a good chunk of his career working with harder acts like Staind and 30 Seconds to Mars (fronted by Jared Leto), Haas’ album is due for release in mid-2008 by Pulse Recording. The album is expected to have several guest appearances, including Blake Sennet from Rilo Kiley and Jet drummer/songwriter Chris Cester, who’s been logging a lot of hours at the label’s Silverlake studio over the past few weeks.

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