(FROM VARIETY) ? Several late-night hosts, whose shows have gone dark since the writers’ strike began last month, are preparing to return by Jan. 7, Variety reported on Friday (Dec. 14). Though the trade paper did not have confirmation, it reported that ”people familiar with the situation” say David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, and Craig Ferguson are reportedly planning to go back on the air at about the same time. NBC has lost about half of its audience for Leno and O’Brien since the strike forced their shows to go dark, while ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel has actually fared pretty well, signaling that audiences are looking to him for something new while late-night is airing repeats.Variety reports that writers for both Letterman and O’Brien have said they’d understand if their hosts returned to work after staying off the air for nearly two months. (Variety)