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By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Updated December 14, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

August Rush

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Why didn’t you like ”August Rush”?

Dear Lisa, How could you! Sure, August Rush is overly sentimental. In fact, it practically slaps you in the face! And Robin Williams is terribly miscast [in the Fagin role]. But I’m a devoted moviegoer who sees at least 50 new films a year, and this is the first film that has brought absolute tears of joy to my eyes since Life Is Beautiful. Cut it some slack, will you? We need to feel this kind of rush every once in a while, to endure the morbidity of today’s films. — Dave Wynn, Tarkio, Mo.

Dear Dave, I agree with your wise observation: August Rush really does slap you in the face with oversentimentality. In fact, it practically grabs you by the cheeks and pinches you with its contrived cuteness until you’re left with bruises! (Life Is Beautiful, on the other hand, merely tickles you with clowns until you’ve forgotten the Holocaust.) As grateful as I am for any sensation of moviegoing joy (especially, you’re right, in this time of the cinematically dark and grim), I can’t swallow artificial sweetener fed to me as pure maple syrup. — Lisa

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August Rush

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