Snoop Dogg's reality show -- The rapper reveals his parenting methods on the new E! series, ''Fatherhood''

By Tim Stack
December 14, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Father Hood

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These days, Snoop Dogg is high on parenting (well, perhaps among other things). Here, a few daddy do’s and don’ts from his new E! reality series, Fatherhood.

When his thumping music interrupts his daughter’s homework concentration, Snoop turns it down, realizing the importance of her studies. Everybody wins: Staring blankly into space is even better in stone (stoned?) silence.

Staying in Charge
Seeing his kids’ messy rec room, Snoop advises them, ”Y’all need to clean this muthaf—ing room up.” Thirteen-year-old Cordé grees to tidy up if Snoop can beat him in a push-up contest. Snoop wins and retains his dignity, lost ever since his appearance on The L Word.

Health & Wellness
When his wife worries that he’s unhealthily stressed-out, Snoop, realizing he wants to be around his kids for years to come, tries yoga. The rapper happily discovers that taking care of your mind, body, and spirit doesn’t mean coming out of a deep haze: ”That was like a workout with a blunt instructor. It made me sleepy.”

Life Lessons
An avid soccer fan, Snoop attempts to get his brood into the sport, but their interest wanes. Luckily, Snoop is able to get David Beckham to come over for a coaching session. Becks provides an important tutorial not only in soccer but also in the importance of booking a famous guest star.

Father Hood

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