Last week's biggest events including the premiere of ''Atonement,'' the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, and more

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It’s the end of the year and in Hollywood that means two things: An endless run of movie premieres and the beginning of the awards-show onslaught. This week delivered on both promises, with debuts for P.S., I Love You, Atonement, and There Will Be Blood (where some of the Saturday Night Live cast, on a strike-related hiatus, reunited) as well as the 7th Annual Breakthrough of the Year Awards.

Open Wide

The Hilary Swank-Gerard Butler drama P.S., I Love You (out Dec. 21) starts somberly — the pair star as a couple torn apart by death — but you wouldn’t know it from the atmosphere at the movie’s L.A. premiere.

Casting Around

We’re missing them on TV, but they’re not missing each other: SNL castmates Andy Samberg, Rachel Dratch, and Amy Poehler gather at the New York debut of the Daniel Day-Lewis saga There Will Be Blood.

Web Obsession of the Week

You’ll be mesmerized as you flip through 54 of Hitchcock’s best films, each boiled down to nearly 2,000 striking, downloadable screen grabs. Believe us when we say that Psycho‘s shower scene is even scarier in the photo essay format. (

Careful, We Mic Hear You

Kevin Spacey and Uma Thurman prep for their gig as cohosts of the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway.

Killer Glance

Keira Knightley turns heads, including her own, on the red carpet at the L.A. debut of Atonement, her new period romance that’s currently courting Oscar. She said, ”To be able to go from doing something as crazy and big as Pirates to something beautiful and deep like Atonement, you have to have someone looking out for you.”

Alpha Males

Alpha Dog costars Ben Foster and Emile Hirsch reunite at the 7th Annual Breakthrough of the Year Awards on Dec. 9 in Hollywood, where they both were honored.


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