The last trailer we saw for Doug Liman’s sci-fi flick Jumper (opening Feb. 14) was just a teaser. More of a complete and utter mystifier, to be perfectly honest — and mystified is what PopWatch’s Marc Bernardin was at the time: “The special effects are cool and all, but I have no idea what this movie’s about.” Harsh but true, folks. Well, Fox recently put out a second trailer which adds some new things…

…such as an actual semblance of a plot. I’m gathering that Hayden Christensen’s character discovers his teleporting talent in a childhood accident, then grows up into the super-powered layabout from the last trailer. (Still apparating from his couch to his fridge!) Can’t quite tell whether Samuel L. Jackson is out to protect him or if he’s one of the evil dudes who wants to destroy all teleporters, but that’s probably the point. This trailer also gives us some more context for Rachel Bilson’s role — she’s not just some random lady asking Christensen not to lie, she’s his girlfriend and she’s also being hunted by those aforementioned evil dudes. Not the most original or profound characterization in the history of cinema, but at least we’re getting a sense of this thing’s narrative arc. Plus, those CGI effects are still really sweet.

That leaves us with the troublesome matter of Jamie Bell — actually, Bernardin’s right, there is absolutely no reason to call this kid anything other than Billy Elliot. Anyway, I am still in the dark about what Billy’s doing in this movie. But that’s a small price to pay for a film that, overall, looks like a high-stakes reboot of The Tomorrow People, which I was totally obsessed with for a portion of my youth. (Megabyte!) I am hereby upgrading Jumper from “meh” to “may well see” on my list of early-’08 movies. Are you, P-Dubs, or is this trailer still too, well, jumpy to entice you?