By Marc Bernardin
December 14, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Leave it to the Lost boys to craft a trailer for the fourth season (now set to debut Jan. 31) that’s as cryptic as the show itself.

While I’ve got my own thoughts — is that the skull of a cyclopean vampire? — I figured I’d go straight to the source for all Lost commentary, Doc Jensen, who peeked up from a dusty tome, shifted his calabash pipe, fixed his monocle and, in his trademark Scottish burr, gave me this:

“The most intriguing images in this trailer to me are the stack of stones on the beach (Charlie’s grave?), these fleeting images of military-looking dudes storming the island (remember what Desmond told us about what would happen after Charlie’s death, per his flashes of the future: that a chopper would land on the island and take Claire and baby Aaron to safety — Charlie’s whole motivation for sacrificing his life), and the glimpse of an ominous new character, who looks to be Jeremy Davies. Clearly, the trailer is setting up a major concern of the season: Can the castaways trust the folks on the freighter? Let us also wonder this: If Ben is correct — that the freighter people are wicked — are we being set up for a classic reversal: the bad guy (in this case, Ben) becoming a good guy? But the trailer doesn’t address what will obviously be another major concern of season four: the future. What happened to Jack, Kate, and… whoever else made it off the Island? That’s what I want to know. Can’t wait for the show to tell me.”

To which I add, “Like he said.”