Most days I love the Intarwub for it delivers all brands of strange goodness to my desktop. But then other days, I find stuff like this, a clip in which someone digitally enhanced the final scene of Lost in Translation so that they could make out precisely what Bill Murray whispers into Scarlett Johansson’s ear.

I’m all for unearthing cinematic arcana and discovering insidery wonders, but I’ve gotta say, I think this is one secret best left unlearned. Because the way Sofia Coppola’s film ends is magical, and the not knowing the content of that parting whisper is crucial to that magic. (I also don’t want to know what’s inside the Pulp Fiction briefcase or what James T. Kirk saw just before he died that made him say “Oh, my.”)

If you want to hear, follow me… but this way lies one whopper of a spoiler.

addCredit(“Lost in Translation: Everett Collection”)

So, here it is. Watch at your own risk. I’m not saying that what you’ll hear will change the content of the film for better or worse, but sometimes, you’re better off staying ignorant. (And, there’s always some question as to if that audio excavation is accurate… probably wouldn’t hold up in court.)

If you wanna talk about it, feel free. But out of respect for the others who’d rather not know what was said, put a big honking SPOILER at the head of your comment.