Ken Tucker applauds noms for ''Damages'' and ''Mad Men,'' wishes they'd have weeded out ''Daisies'' and pulled plug on ''Grey's,'' and laments the Globes missed a chance to shine some attention on ''Friday Night Lights''

By Ken Tucker
December 14, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Golden Globes: What TV ballot got right — and wrong

Oh, that wacky Hollywood Foreign Press Association; when it comes to TV nominations, they go gaga over the middlebrow-daring (The Tudors, Dexter, Californication) while bypassing the truly innovative. Come on, if you’re gonna nominate David Duchovny and his fictional libido, why not really take a stand for sex on TV and nominate HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me? And while Pushing Daisies is just the sort of brightly colored whimsy that looks good on network TV, are the Golden Globes really telling us its comedy is superior to that of, say, The Office? No way.

For sure, the Globes usually get around to nominating good TV shows before the Emmys do, and I’d rather see Californication nominated over Ugly Betty. And it’s good to see new series such as Mad Men and Damages among the nominees.

But Grey’s Anatomy? Sally Field in Brothers & Sisters? (She won her Emmy, and this season her character has been reduced to dithering and moaning.) Would anyone besides a nominating committee say that Weeds had a season strong enough to win awards? Ditto Entourage, which is getting pretty predictable. Me, I’d replace Californication with Desperate Housewives (it’s got its mojo back, and with just as much fornication as that other series), and House (not its strongest season) with a newcomer like Burn Notice.

I know that the Globes and every TV award group is unofficially obliged to nominate Hugh Laurie, and, indeed, the guy is probably the hardest-working man in TV show business. But where is the love for Friday Night Lights? For Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton? Can’t the foreign press look past its possible ignorance of football and just drink in all that great acting?

It’s nice that the Globes have nodded to Big Love with multiple nominations — it did indeed improve on its previous season, and I’m a big Bill Paxton supporter. And kudos to the Globes for nodding to Ted Danson’s fantastic supporting-role in Damages. But how do you nominate Edie Falco for The Sopranos and not James Gandolfini? I mean, Gandolfini’s Tony would wipe the floor with Michael C. Hall’s nominated serial-weasel Dexter.

When the Globes are handed out, I’d be mighty happy if the winners included 30 Rock‘s Alec Baldwin (the odds are good, I’d wager) and Tina Fey (the odds are miniscule, I’d guess — and boy, will I be peeved if Anna Friel’s cutesy Daisies character wins out over our puckish Liz Lemon!). Beyond that, it’s looking like a pretty decent list, with a few exceptions. I say it again: Grey’s Anatomy?

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