Tom Hanks, ''American Gladiators,'' Popwatch, and more


1. Tom Hanks Role Call
See how the multiple Academy Award winner went from Bosom Buddies to Charlie Wilson’s War — the hits, the misses, and the out-and-out mistakes.

2. Get Your PopWatch On!
Come for the witty blogging, stay for the Box Office Challenges (can I Am Legend — starring Will Smith — win?) and awkward pop culture confessions.

3. Meet the New American Gladiators
Just when you thought it was safe, those aggro reality warriors are back.

4. Viral Video Hall of Fame
From Pearl (Will Ferrell’s foulmouthed, pint-size landlord) to the dramatic squirrel to that poor Star Wars trumpet girl, we vote some new online sensations into the pantheon.

5. Get Even!
Despite that old Klingon proverb about revenge being a dish best served cold, our Best Revenge Flicks gallery brings the heat, thanks to films like Kill Bill.