A Coppola family tree -- We look at the branches of this Hollywood clan, including Nicolas Cage and Jason Schwartzman

With Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth and Nicolas Cage’s National Treasure: Book of Secrets both hitting theaters this month, EW decided to chart the twisted — and surprisingly far-reaching — family tree of one of Hollywood’s most celebrated clans.

Carmine Coppola(d. 1991)
The clan’s patriarch won an Oscar for scoring The Godfather Part II.

August Coppola
Francis’ bro (and Nic’s dad) has stayed out of the spotlight as a literature professor.

Francis Ford Coppola
He met his wife, Eleanor, on the set of his first major film: the Roger Corman horror pic Dementia 13. His company American Zoetrope produces projects by kids Sofia and Roman, among others.

Talia Shire (née Coppola)
After nabbing Oscar nods for her roles in Rocky and The Godfather Part II, Carmine’s only daughter married producer Jack Schwartzman (Being There).

Nicolas Cage (né Coppola)
The family’s bona fide movie star changed his name to stay off the brood’s coattails, but he still couldn’t avoid the blood ties: Cage had a small part in Francis Ford’s Rumble Fish (1983) and The Cotton Club (1984), and scored his second Oscar nomination for playing twins in Adaptation, directed by one-time cousin-in-law Spike. But don’t be fooled by Alicia Coppola in the Treasure sequel — she’s not part of ”the family.”

Cage’s Spouses
Patricia Arquette(divorced 2004)
During their six-year union, the Medium star linked the Coppolas to another Hollywood power family: the Arquettes (who included Meriwether Lewis?!)
Alice Kim
Married at 20, her son with Cage is named Kal-El (a.k.a. Superman’s birth name).
Lisa Marie Presley(divorced 2004)
Cage, an avowed Elvis fan, was hubby No. 3 for Lisa Marie. Michael Jackson (divorced from Lisa Marie in 1996) While known more for his music than his forays into film, MJ’s Captain EO movie (shown at Disney theme parks in the ’80s and ’90s) was directed by Francis Ford, his future ex-wife’s uncle-in-law.

Sofia Coppola
Once scorned for her acting in The Godfather Part III, Sofia became the first American woman to get an Oscar nod for Best Director (for Lost in Translation).

Sofia’s Spouse
Spike Jonze(divorced 2003)
The Being John Malkovich director is rumored to have inspired the self-absorbed husband (played by Giovanni Ribisi) in Translation.

Roman Coppola
For CQ, his 2002 feature debut, the award-winning music-video director drew from childhood memories of his father’s movie sets.

Jason Schwartzman
Since his breakout turn in Rushmore (cousin Sofia recommended him for the part), Schwartzman has kept it in the family with roles in Roman’s CQ and Sofia’s Marie Antoinette.

Robert Schwartzman
Jason’s little bro fronts rock group Rooney and dabbles in acting: He popped up in The Princess Diaries and Sofia’s debut, The Virgin Suicides.

Wes Anderson
Okay, so he may not be family, but given his list of Coppola co-credits, including, most recently, The Darjeeling Limited, he may as well be!