By Christine Fenno
Updated December 13, 2007 at 06:00 PM EST

You may have heard about the dude who looks like Ashton Kutcher reportedly fooling paparazzi. Well, I actually wonder why this kind of thing doesn’t happen all the time. I once met a woman who looked and sounded so much like Angelina Jolie that all I had to say was, “Does anyone ever— ” and she interrupted me with “Several times a day, every day.” My dad likes to laugh about the Tribeca Film Fest screening last spring where a fawning publicist mistook him for director Michael Apted and wanted to make sure he was having a splendiferous evening. And just yesterday, I realized that Amy Ryan, left, the Oscar-bound (if justice is served) costar of Gone Baby Gone, shares an uncanny resemblance to an editor I’ve worked with. Based on an informal poll of friends, we probably all know someone who looks like (or at least looks closely related to) someone in the public eye.

But have they ever made any money from it? The bizarre world of professional celebrity impersonators, as depicted in the new book Fame Us, is full of doppelgangers devoted to maximizing all the “you-look-just-like” attention. Some of the book’s subjects — like the Yugoslavian native who’s a dead ringer for Mike Myers — make you wonder about the existence of secret cloning programs, while others boast more dubious claims, like the guy who believes he looks like Conan O’Brien, but totally does not. I’m generally thrilled, as a woman, that nobody tells me I remind them of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but Felvis (yes, female Elvis) would take that as a compliment.

So, PopWatchers, what’s your lookalike story? Are you (or someone you know) often told “you look like…”?