Another holiday season, another reason to remember how much you love figure skating specials. (Oh, you know you do.) We’ll be sitting down with Brian Boitano on Friday afternoon to chat about his latest offering, NBC’s Dec. 22 Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular. (Picture Viktor Petrenko and Steven Cousins skating while Barry Manilow sings songs from the ’70s live… and enjoy.)

We’ll also be asking Boitano the best of the questions you submit. So remember where you were when you first saw him perform that “Missing You” chair routine (below) and wondered if it was the best use of a prop on ice — ever. Ponder his opinions of the current competitive and professional figure skating scenes (and Blades of Glory). Pitch him an idea for his next TV special, which will be his production company’s 20th. And think of a clever way to ask him about “What Would Brian Boitano Do?” (As always, just keep it clean — not like that South Park clip we just linked to.)