By Christine Fenno
December 12, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Gillian Anderson’s speaking voice in Bleak House (pictured) was gloomy British perfection, but did you know Agent Scully likes to rock a jaunty English accent in real life? (The Emmy-winning actress, who spent a significant chunk of her childhood in the U.K., has said the accent returns naturally whenever she’s there.) Perhaps that posh diction helped the star land her new job hosting Masterpiece Theatre, PBS’ stalwart series with the 37-year history of veddy important programming. Helmed most famously by the late Alistair Cooke, the show’s being revamped (presumably to attract a younger demo), and beginning in January, Anderson will host a “miniseason” called The Complete Jane Austen through May 2008. Now, I’m fairly certain I’ve watched more Monsterpiece Theatre with Alistair Cookie than Masterpiece itself, but Anderson’s involvement may seriously entice me to tune in. Not to mention the performances that are promised, from the likes of Judi Dench, Daniel Radcliffe, and native Brit Kim Cattrall. What about you, PopWatchers? Have you missed seeing Gillian Anderson on the small screen as much as I have? And what’s your take on this new PBS chapter in the X-Files icon’s career?

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