By Amy Ryan
December 12, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

I’m a little confused by Forbes’ new list of Hollywood’s most overpaid movie stars. I can see why Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez might make the list; both reportedly earn $12-15 million for lead roles in studio pics despite their long cold streaks at the box office. (Kidman’s continues with the underwhelming performance of The Golden Compass, which opened too late to figure into Forbes’ calculations.) But Will Smith? Is there any movie star whose worldwide box office makes him more bankable than Will Smith? (And does anyone doubt that I Am Legend, pictured, will only continue to cement his sure-thing status?) According to Forbes, Smith’s films gross $10 for every dollar of his salary. In any other field, Forbes would be celebrating businesspeople who generate that kind of return, but in movies, that makes him overpriced? Who, by that standard, is not overpriced? (Well, Angelina Jolie, whose movies Forbes says gross $15 for each dollar of her salary, a figure that seems to ignore every movie she’s made in which she’s not wielding a knife or a gun.)

Which movie stars do you think are overpriced, PopWatchers? And which performers are underpaid?

UPDATE: Commenter Kerry, below, caught my typo, which is now fixed.

addCredit(“I Am Legend: Barry Wetcher”)