By Amy Ryan
December 12, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

How will the writers’ strike affect all the upcoming movie awards shows? On the plus side, no groaner gag-lines (“Oprah, Obama. Obama, Oprah.”) for returning Oscar host Jon Stewart. On the minus side, Stewart and most of the likely honorees may stay home rather than cross the picket lines. The only show that won’t be affected is the Screen Actors Guild awards, since the unionized writers have granted their fellow labor stalwarts a pass for that one. Still, the rest of the shows could look like those from previous strike years, such as the 1988 Oscars, when the presenters wrote their own painful gags, or the 1980 Emmys, when almost no one showed up to collect their trophies. Kinda ironic, since the 2007 Oscars made a point of celebrating the work of screenwriters.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Will you watch star-free or nearly star-free awards shows? Does the SAG awards ceremony suddenly loom large on your winter calendar? Should stars show up anyway on awards night to celebrate artistic achievements that should exist in a larger context than the current labor strife? Should the writers grant all the shows a waiver for the same reason? Or should the writers and actors stick to their guns and not help support events that are, essentially, a promotional tool for the producers the writers are striking against?

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