Why do you obsess over an actor's hair in your reviews? -- Check out this week's Ask the Critic question, then post your own


Why do you obsess over an actor’s hair in your reviews?

Dear Owen, Are you aware that you begin more than a few of your reviews by referring to an actor’s hair and describing it in practically obsessive detail? What’s up with that? —Shawn

Dear Shawn, As a follicularly challenged male, I have to admit that I might have a sightly more vested interest than others in closely examining the hair follies of movie stars. Yet I would also argue that actors’ tonsorial disasters, be it Harrison Ford’s in Random Hearts, Kevin Costner’s in The Bodyguard, or Dustin Hoffman’s in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, are not only a lot of fun to make fun of — they can be just as relevant to how we see, experience, and remember a performance as far less cosmetic concerns. The irony is that current libel law forbids me from discussing — at least in any way that involves naming names — my true Hollywood hair obsession: the ever-increasing thicket of weaves and transplants that actors now use to camouflage their thinning manes. I would dearly love, someday, to kick off a review by getting into the bald truth of that. —Owen