We have a complete series set for everyone on your list including ''Family Guy,'' ''Seinfeld,'' and ''Gilmore Girls''

By EW Staff
Updated December 07, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Family Guy Freakin’ Party Pack
Five seasons with Norm Macdonald as Death, Drew Barrymore as Brian the dog’s girlfriend, and Abe Vigoda as Abe Vigoda. Plus, playing cards, poker chips, and a Ping-Pong set. $150

Northern Exposure
The wacky early-’90s Alaska-set dramedy comes tucked inside a fleece-lined faux-suede messenger bag. Guaranteed to stay in style longer than your Ugg boots. $200

I Love Lucy
Best bonus: a highlight reel from the Ricardos’ first TV appearance. Picture Lucy dressing Desi in a bolero to sing ”Babalu.” Watch with your sweetie and a mouthful of chocolates. $242

The X-Files
With 201 shows, 15 docs, a feature film, arty trading cards, and a comic book, if the truth isn’t in here, we don’t know where to find it. $330

Perfect for the person who loves nothing. And if you think you’re fluent in Sein-language, check out the trivia-packed coffee-table book. Do you know Jerry’s license plate number? $284

Dr. Katz Professional Therapist
Three lost eps, a special with Kathy Griffin, and Jon Stewart as a patient obsessed with his cat’s thoughts? Praise the Lord and pass the Klonopin! $127

Though a show about a 240-year-old vampire sells itself, creator Joss Whedon throws in a letter to fans: ”I loved him, at least 76% platonically.” $140

Gilmore Girls
To keep up with Lorelai and Rory’s pop-culture-laced repartee, a 43-page ”Gilmorisms” dictionary explains references like Kropog and the Amazing Kreskin. $259

Regrettably, the set doesn’t include instructions on how to make a magnifying glass from white wine and a hairpin. For that, you’ll have to watch season 1, episode 3. $171

The O.C.
Go back to Cali with Josh Schwartz’s nighttime teen soap. Cool extras include animated Atomic County webisodes starring the angsty teens as superheroes. $180

Family Guy

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