By Marc Bernardin
December 05, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST
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According to today’s Variety, CBS is thinking about importing serial-killer thriller Dexter from corporate sibling Showtime—editing the hell out of it, given Dexter‘s cable-extreme nature—and putting it on their schedule in the near future to fill the strike-mandated programming vacuum. Which is a phenomenal idea.

Because, honestly, who needs more hastily conceived reality programming? Would I rather NBC air the first season of Battlestar Galactica in Heroes‘ timeslot than give me Clash of the Choirs (real) or America’s Next Great Sewing Circle or The Nation’s Most Awesome Mechanic (both fake..for now)?

All of the broadcast networks have cable arms that have been doing quality programming—why not put Damages or The Shield on Fox, or The Closer or Eureka on NBC or Kyle XY on ABC? Not only is the programming already in the can and, to a large degree, unseen by broadcast-only viewers, but you can also build an audience for those shows when they air new episodes back on their cable homes. (Yes, you’d have to pay the striking writers their residuals, but it’s gotta be cheaper than building a new show from the ground up.)

So what cable series deserves a chance at the big show? Nominate now!

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