By Michael Slezak
Updated December 05, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

I know we’ve been talking about best-of and worst-of lists for the last couple weeks — the end of the year is always like that for all of us pop-culture hounds. But I was watching a backlogged episode of NBC’s sloppily written (and shoddily assembled) Bionic Woman the other night, and out of nowhere, Molly Price (pictured, left right, as Berkut Group psychiatrist Ruth) busted out a perfectly timed, hilarious zinger about how she’d once slept with Isaiah Washington’s late, not-so-great Antonio. If there’s anyone left on the planet still watching this show, isn’t Price priceless each week in her few minutes of screen time? Also, am I the only person who just realized she’s the same actress who starred on NBC’s Third Watch several seasons back? It took an IMDb check this afternoon before I came to this realization. Either way, get this woman her own series, pronto!

Similarly, while FX’s Damages got a lot of buzz this summer for Glenn Close’s riveting star turn, and Ted Danson’s dark, brilliant support, I felt like Zeljko Ivanek (pictured, left), playing conflicted, sexually ambiguous attorney Ray Fiske, was every bit as good (if not a fraction of a millimeter better) than his bold-faced co-stars. I sure hope Emmy doesn’t forget him when it comes time to hand out nominations.

So in the spirit of these two praise-starved thespians, let’s start a list here that probably won’t be found anywhere else, anytime soon: Who were the biggest unsung heroes of TV in 2007?