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Wanna watch a six-minute teaser of that Batman sequel all the kids are talking about, The Dark Knight? Short of breaking into director Christopher Nolan’s office—or having a wish-granting genie at your disposal (and, let’s be honest, are you gonna waste a wish on this, when there’s narwhals that poop platinum out there for the asking?)—there’s only one way for that to happen.

Get thee to an IMAX theater to see I Am Legend, which opens December 14. And, if you’re good, you’ll see Heath Ledger’s Joker and Christian Bale’s Batman duke it out, eventually become friends, and form a comic-book book club, the first title of which will be Will Eisner’s adaptation of Moby-Dick…because the Joker just really likes saying that title.*

* PopWatch makes no guarantees as to the content of those six minutes.

The Dark Knight

  • Movie
  • PG-13
  • 152 minutes
  • Christopher Nolan