By Joshua Rich
December 05, 2007 at 11:31 PM EST

Listen up, all players of’s Fall Box Office Challenge: No more crystal-ball sharing! Got that? Jeez. It seems as if word got out beforehand that Enchanted would win last weekend’s big competition at the multiplex: How else to explain the fact that 76 percent of participants picked it to finish No. 1 — and that two folks would tie for first place? People! Come on! If you know for sure who is going to win — if some fortune teller peered into the future and gave you a tip, if you happened upon a copy of Grays Movie Almanac, whatever — don’t share your knowledge with others. Ruins the fun.

Oh, I jest. Share all you want. What do I care? Really, this was just my way of saying “Congratulations!” to our co-victors, Eric T. from Manistee, Mich. (a.k.a. “TheBigE”), and Cameron C. from Chicago (a.k.a. “CamClark13,” who, um, took a moment to stop partying and send us his picture this time — attaboy!). Yes, like Box Office Challenge heartthrob Wayne, both Cameron and Eric are previous weekly champions (impressive for a game involving thousands of participants); they also both hail from the Midwest, enjoy moonlight walks on the beach, and… sorry, wrong blog post. Anyway, props to them. Good on ya, fellas!